Japanese Knotweed Specialists


We humans need bees, it’s as simple as that. Without bees there wouldn’t be enough pollination and then plant life would suffer and so would we.

We know that some herbicides used for Japanese Knotweed removal can be harmful to bees. Although Zen Knotweed Ltd only ever use authorised herbicides that are recommended as not harmful to animals or aquatic life, as well as adopting best working practices to avoid harming bees, we still think we should do more.

That is why Zen Knotweed Ltd want to put something back, to redress the balance.

We are delighted to announce that Zen Knotweed Ltd are the proud sponsors of Zen Beehive, a colony of 75,000 plus urban honey bees at a secret location in the heart of Cardiff, overseen by a wonderful, experienced beekeeper who shares our love of bees.

We will be actively involved in the development of this hive and posting regular updates on the progress of our stripey friends.

Spring is coming and we will be stocking the hive soon!

UPDATE: Due to the Covid19 lockdown we were unable to set up our hive up this Spring.

We will now be setting up the hive in 2022. If you are a budding urban beekeeper and you’d like to get involved, email: [email protected] and let’s bring this hive to life!

Save the bees!